Why a Website Audit is Important for Traffic Analytics

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According to search statistics from Internetlivestats.com, Google processed 40,000 search queries every second as of August this year. A study conducted by Brightedge.com shows that 51% of total website traffic typically arrives from organic search. The remaining traffic comes from paid search, direct traffic and social media platforms. So it’s important for you to wade into traffic analytics and know where your website ranks in terms of total traffic, traffic sources, page views, page loading speed, bounce rate, etc.


Is it above average or below it? What is your Alexa ranking? What is your Google Insights Pagespeed Score? Do you get more traffic from Google or Facebook? If you’re a B2B firm, how much traffic do you get from LinkedIn? If you want to know the answers and find out where your website ranks on a country or global level, we can do a website audit for you.        


What is a Website Audit?

A website audit is a traffic analytics health check up for your website. We’ll look into everything from errors to conformation with webmaster guidelines provided by the search engines. We’ll check your website ranking, page loading speed, whether your templates are responsive to user devices, and a lot more.  

For Website Errors: Check for broken links and other errors in your website. Conducting a website audit will reveal all your website issues such as broken links, redirects, duplicate content, etc. All this will help you to recover lost traffic.

For Website Loading Speed: Web page loading time is one of the 200 or so ranking factors that Google takes into consideration in its search algorithm. Faster loading pages are considered more search- and user-friendly. How fast (or slow) is your website? Are your images optimized for the web? What is your server response time? Have you enabled compression on your server? How about the browser caching settings? These are the kind of questions for which we will give you answers, along with solutions to improve your website.

For Metadata: Does your website content target specific keywords? Are your title tags and meta descriptions optimized to attract traffic for these keywords? A simple check will tell us everything about all the pages on your site.

For Traffic Stats: What is your global traffic rank? Which country sends you the most visitors? How many people on the web does your website reach? Knowing your traffic rank and sources and your visitor demographics is the first step towards implementing a proper traffic analytics plan.   

For Keywords: What are the keywords you are ranking for? What are the keywords your competitors are targeting? Are they ranking better than you? Are you even targeting these keywords? Keeping tabs on the competition will enable you to refocus your efforts and target the right keywords.

Mobile Friendly: Upto 60% or more of your website traffic is now comprised of people accessing your site using mobile devices. Is your website mobile-friendly? Are your templates responsive to the type of device and screen size? We’ll check and let you know.

For Social Media Marketing: How good is your SMM outreach? How popular are you on which social networks? How many shares are you getting? Get a complete snapshot of your activity and performance on social media.  

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