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Our primary objective is digital marketing for our clients by creating and promoting engaging content targeting your ideal customers. The words we write represent your company values and the message that you want to get across through all your digital platforms and channels. If we do it right, this content creation and marketing process will be the core part of a successful SEO campaign that brings you a flood of relevant search traffic and online sales.

On-Page Technical SEO

Every website on the web is engaged in a constant struggle to optimize and climb up in the SERPs (search engine results page, which is the page of results you get when you type in a query into a search engine) for all their targeted keywords. Search engine algorithms and guidelines change incessantly with a view to make searches more relevant to what people are looking for. The system has become so sophisticated that optimising your meta tags and page titles alone will not produce any results these days.

You need professionals to take a close and technical look at your website pages and suggest on-page optimization steps that will actually improve the website performance and UI. Our team will invest time in helping you optimise your website, so that it is tuned and ready to get maximum traffic and convert it into leads and customers. We perform a series of technical audits on your website which will help in identifying mistakes and bottlenecks that are preventing the flow of traffic into your website. We will help you in improving your website performance to make it load faster, and be more user friendly as well as SEO friendly.

Competitor Analysis

We carry out rigorous analysis on your competitors to learn their marketing strategies, the keywords they are targeting, their SEO methods and rankings, amount of website traffic they get, their lead sources, etc. The idea is to find out what is working best for your competitors, and position your business in a way that helps you beat them in every aspect of digital marketing.


Content Research

In order to create an effective and valuable content we must have a precise and classificatory picture of the target audience. Information about customers such as demographic, educational background, exact needs and requirements, financial strata,help us know the target audience well.We at Kamkash take you through a journey of questions and interviews to understand your ideal customer and create detailed buyer personas.These profiles are then converted into a keyword matrix and high-value keywords are generated. This content research process is designed by our experienced marketers to bring you targeted customers down through a three-stage marketing funnel.

Kamkash encourages meaningful conversations and interactions with our clients to understand their customers better.We believe that the better we understand the personas the better we weave that into content creation and marketing.The contents that we create educates your website visitors, highlights the benefits of your products/services, and triggers a call to action to make them your customers.

Content Creation

Content creation has seen a paradigm shift in the world of digital marketing.Irrespective of the medium or device, it’s become exceedingly apparent that the key to success in this highly competitive digital panorama is to produce content which will kindle the customer’s interest and propel them towards your brand.

Articles and blog posts that top the search rankings all have one thing in common – exceptional content created and portrayed with an artist’s perfection. The information provided tends to be unique and useful, and just as interesting to read. People value blogs that offer high quality information. Videos and infographics are likewise designed for a specific target audience for whom the time spent viewing your content tends to be rewarding. It needs to be something special with an emotional part that helps you connect with readers and engage them.  We use stories, data, charts, names, people, places that make articles interesting and provide highly specific and actionable steps that your readers can take.

Kamkash will create landing pages for you that are primed to maximize lead generation. We conduct interviews with revered personalities in the relevant industry and promote it on your behalf. We also periodically publish case studies and white papers.

Content Marketing

If content creation is the seed you sow, then content marketing is the nourishment you provide for it to germinate and grow into a healthy sapling. Publishing compelling content alone is not enough to engage your customers but to promote the content strategically is essential to position you rightfully before your customers. This results only with clear intention, planning and focused execution. Our expert strategists work in tandem with you in promoting your brand through the right channels at the right time.

Kamkash follows a very transparent and well-mapped plan for content marketing that has been tested and perfected by us. We not only undertake this task for you but also provide you the necessary guidance if you want to try it yourself.