Top SEO Tools for Content Creation and Marketing

Top SEO Tools for Content Creation and Marketing

Optimizing content for search engines is a tricky business. When you let it rip and write what comes to mind, the page flows nicely and looks natural. But then it won’t have any keywords to attract search traffic. On the other hand, highly optimized pages stuffed with keywords turn off readers, or at least won’t make the same impact. So it’s of little use even if the page does get some search traffic.

The trick is in finding the right balance between content creation vs marketing, and the answer lies in technology. To be specific – SEO tools that can help you focus on the right set of keywords before you write, while you’re still thinking about what should be the title and the structure of the article.

Keeping this in mind, here’s a list of top SEO tools that will help you. But first, please enter your email below and hit submit. As a subscriber to our newsletter, you’ll get lots of tips and tricks to help you with article creation and marketing.

Portent’s Content Creation Idea Generator

Portent Content Creation Tool

Coming up with a quirky and catchy title is the first order of business when it comes to article writing. Too many good posts stay undiscovered in the wilderness of the web simply because they don’t have a good title. If you have a keyword that you need to come up with titles for, try using this tool. Portent’s Idea Generator spits out titles for any keyword you enter into it. You can keep hitting refresh until you actually get a suggestion that you like.

Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

Ok, so now you have a title. But how good is it, really? Zig Ziglar, renowned author, motivational speaker and extraordinary salesman, once famously said that “People won’t buy for logical reasons, People buy for emotional reasons.”  

This tool will help you rate the EMV (Emotional Marketing Value) score of your titles. A title that people can relate to will send you a big chunk of traffic that you might otherwise have missed. For eg: “Top SEO Tools for Content Creation and Marketing” is a properly optimized title that will attract good people like you. But if I had used something like “SEO Tools to Bring You a Sh**load of Google Traffic,” it has a lot more EMV. It goes without saying that the title sets the tone for the rest of the content on the page. If you come up with a title that grabs people by the scruff of their neck and drags them into your site, then the page content better be just as good.

SEOprofiler For Keyword Research, Optimisation and Competitor Analysis

SEOprofiler is among the most popular multipurpose online SEO tools that you can make use of. The tool has an array of features you need for different components of an SEO campaign, including optimisation of landing pages, doing competitor analysis, website audits, link building, etc. Listed below are some of the key features in SEOprofiler that actually help to increase traffic.

Keyword Research: Based on an analysis of the websites of your competitors, you get high-value keywords for which they are ranking. You can also search for more keywords related to a keyword you select. It will give you the number of search queries and the PPC bid amounts for all the keywords related to that one keyword. Once you know these high value keywords that play an important role in getting traffic, you can keep them in mind while writing and include them in the text as and when possible.

Page Optimisation : SEOprofiler will compare your website with three of the top ranking websites for the keyword which you are targeting. Based on an analysis of what those other sites have done to get into the top 5 results in Google, it generates a huge report that you can follow as a checklist of things to be done. It makes the whole pursuit of a top 10 search ranking much more scientific, as opposed to a trial and error process.

Link Building : SEOprofiler is able to track and show you the links that your competitors are getting. This means that you too can contact all these same websites and try to get backlinks from them.

WhiteSmoke Content Creation Tool

White Smoke Content Creation Tool

WhiteSmoke is a writing tool which provides suggestions and corrections on grammar, punctuation, spelling and style checks. It is run by a rule based statistical algorithm which uses Natural Language Processing technology that scans thousands of user generated text and emails to simulate how humans think in the process of writing. So it will not correct your language, but also help improve your writing style, tone, and clarity of writing.

Serpstat SEO Tool for Optimisation, PPC and Content Marketing

Serpstat is a growth hacking SEO tool that provides multiple features like market intelligence, search analytics, rank tracking, advertising analysis, etc.

Advertising analysis: It helps you research your competitor’s advertising campaigns and assists in getting the highest possible ROI out of your own PPC campaigns. The main features include:

  1. Identify your competitors in Adwords;
  2. Look at your competitor’s advertising strategy and budget;
  3. Research keywords and ads of your competitors; and
  4. Localize your advertising campaigns.

Rank Tracking: This feature helps to compare and track your rank for specific keywords against that of your competitors, and that too on a daily basis. It shows rankings for up to 100 for your desired keywords. Serpstat will help you monitor up to 100 domains for each keyword and keyword grouping. You can see how big a market share each domain has among the top 100 in your niche.

VENNGAGE for Creating Infographics

Venngage Infographics Creation Tool

The importance of representing information in the form of graphics, better known as infographics, is now widely acknowledged. Stats published on ContentDesk say that an infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than a purely text based article. If you want to this, Venngage is one such free content creation tool that helps in creating infographics.

Grammarly – Proofreading and Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly is a language writing enhancement tool. It is one of the world’s most popular plagiarism and proofreading tools that checks for more than 250 grammar rules.

Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker

Copy Leaks Plagiarism Checker

Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker uses an advanced algorithm powered by cloud computing searches for similar duplicate content on the web, across 60 trillion pages. This tool provides a report which is easily accessible and in an inclusive format. Copyleaks uses an encrypted connection which ensures that your content is secured.

DrumUp For Social Media Marketing

DrumUp Content Marketing

DrumUp is mainly a social media marketing tool that helps you in integrating your content across different social accounts. This tool helps cut short the time you spend on social promotions by 90%, and enables you to start a conversation with your target audience. DrumUp also helps curate the top content from your industry by mining through all the data on the web in real time and recommending stories that are most relevant for your audience.     

MeetEdgar for Social Media Management

MeetEdgar Content Marketing Tool

MeetEdgar helps you schedule and track updates on social media. It has an embedded automation system which enables a social media update library from which you can post the same update multiple times. By updating your library, scheduling and categorising updates, MeetEdgar gets your updates and the links within get more social attention than you could manage on your own. As you can see, they claim it will double your traffic.

Use all these content creation and marketing SEO tools to maximise the returns from your online marketing strategies and attract a lot more relevant traffic to your website.

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