Interview with Email Marketing Evangelist Arturs Bernovskis

Email marketing evangelist Arturs Bernovskis is Chairman of the Board and Co-founder of Mailigen, an email marketing service and platform that serves thousands of clients worldwide.

Email Marketing Evangelist Arturs Bernovskis

Arturs Bernovskis

The company has offices at key locations in the U.S., Europe and China. Arturs manages Mailigen’s two prime functions – operations and finance.

Before Mailigen, he has previously founded and/or has been on the boards of other organisations such as LeaderSend, Amber LED,, and Boons. Arturs is also a lecturer at the Higher School of Social Technologies in Latvia.

Mailigen has evolved from an email marketing solution to a platform with advanced automation features that allow you to send newsletters, SMS campaigns and even complete online surveys. It allows you to create HTML emails, include dynamic or social media content, and segment your lists based on the data filled out by subscribers.

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Q & A with Email Marketing Evangelist Arturs Bernovskis

Question 1. Can you tell us how you and Janis Rose created Mailigen? What was your vision, and how did you make it work so nicely?

It all started already ten years ago when I created a Web development company. While I was working in the digital industry, I saw that businesses cannot develop without digital marketing. So after a few years Digital marketing agency was created. It encompassed several marketing tools, and Mailigen was one of them. Later on, it proved to be a serious and independent business solution.

There were quite a few competitors on the market, but they did not speak the “language of customers”. So we set a vision for Mailigen to become a digital marketing tool that can send messages to customers right at the time when they are ready and willing to read them. Also, we wanted Mailigen to help local companies grow globally.

Question 2. As an evangelist for email marketing, can you tell us why should people choose email marketing over other marketing tools?

Data shows that on average $1 invested in email marketing brings back $40 in revenue, which makes email marketing the most profitable solution. It is essential to understand that nowadays one marketing tool is not enough and we have to integrate and use several solutions that work together.

If you want to become successful with marketing, you have to combine your instruments so that you can see and analyze all results in one big picture.

Question 3. You have said that you want to make Mailigen the best emailing platform on the market. Can you explain the benefits that make Mailigen so good for customers?

Mailigen isn’t just an email marketing platform. It is a full email marketing service that helps companies reach their goals. Helping our customers grow is essential to us, so our primary focus is on education.


Email marketing is a very sensitive tool, and in some cases, there is a fine line between SPAM and professional marketing. Therefore we are doing our best to help our clients become professional email marketers.

Question 4. Apart from a platform like Mailigen, what other tools/templates/technologies would you recommend to email marketers?

My advice depends on your previous experience in email marketing. If you are a beginner, I’d suggest trying A/B split tests for everything – sending time, sender name, subject line, etc. This will help you discover the habits of your customers.

If you are a seasoned marketer, I’d recommend using additional tools like surveys that will help you find out consumer data. The primary task of any marketer is to know your customer well enough to be able to craft messages that will be truly useful to them.

Question 5. According to you, what is the future of email marketing technology? Will we still be sending emails to leads and prospects after five years?

Today everything moves towards blending technologies and integrations. In 5 years it will be common to see automated platforms where email marketing integrates with social media and search engine marketing (SEM). You will be able to manage all integrated campaigns and follow the progress.

The technology we use daily is also getting smarter. It is possible that in 5 years we will have to think more about formats as people will read not only on mobile phones and tablets but also on smart refrigerator screens or bathroom mirrors. Just like some people are already reading news on smart watches.

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