How to Create Infographics Using Canva

As the adage goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”, an infographic should be worth at least 5,000 words or more. An infographic is a compelling way of combining words and images to represent tons of intricate data in a visual format. Kamkash, therefore, includes infographics as a key element of content creation and marketing strategy for our clients. There are many tools which can be used to create infographics. In this post, I’m going to show you how to create infographics using one such easy-to-use tool called Canva. Anyone can start creating stunning infographics using Canva even if you don’t have any web and graphic designing skills.

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Use Canva to Create Infographics in Five Simple Steps

    1. Choose / Create a template: Canva has a template section with pre-built templates you can choose from, or you can create your own template as well.
    2. Change the images: You can either upload your own images or choose from over 1 million available stock images – both free as well as paid.
    3. Choose the fonts: There are over 130 fresh fonts available to choose.
    4. Change the background: You can upload and use your own image as a background, or choose from the library.
    5. Change the colors: Change the color of the text and text boxes to add extra flavor.

How to Create Infographics – Step 1 – Choose a Template

First things first. Click here to visit Canva’s infographics creation page. Canva has a huge pre-built library of templates for infographics. Choose the infographics template you like to get started. I have chosen this particular template to design my infographic. Now let’s look at how to make changes to this template.

create infographics canva - template

How to Create Infographics – Step 2 – Change the Images

As mentioned, Canva has more than 1 million images in its directory (both free and paid images). Choose a relevant image by typing the keyword in the image search box.

In case, if you want to upload your own images, click on upload option and upload them. Uploaded images will be found under UPLOADS section only.

create infographics canva - images

Once you are done choosing the images or uploading the images, drag and drop them to the editing location where you want them to be inserted. To change the size of an image, click on the image and adjust the dimensions.

How to Create Infographics – Step 3 – Choose the Fonts

Canva allows you to choose from over 130 fresh fonts.

Just click on the chosen font to use the one you like.

create infographics canva - fonts

How to Create Infographics – Step 4 – Change the Background

There are different ways you can set the background in Canva.

 1. Plain Background: Choose a color from the ‘DEFAULT PALETTE’

create infographics canva - plain background

 2. Default Background themes: Canva has default themes under the background section. This includes both free and paid background themes. Canva prefers to display free themes first. So scroll down to see the paid themes which are more professional.

create infographics canva - default background

 3. Image as a background: Learn how to search images and upload your own images from Change the images section. Here, you will learn how to set an image as your infographic’s background.

create infographics canva - image background

NOTE: Tips to choose relevant images:

  1. You can create images, or get relevant ones from Flickr or other image sharing sites that allow you to use public domain images and those provided by their creators under a creative commons license.
  2. To get the stock images, read this post.
  3. If you want the whole image as background, chance the dimensions of an image using Canva by customizing the dimensions.

How to Create Infographics – Step 5 – Change Colors

Most tools let their users change the color of the text. But Canva has a special feature which will let you change the color of an image as well.

Change text color: Change the color of text by clicking on the color option on the menu bar. The interesting feature here is that you can change the color of each character by selecting that character.

create infographics canva - text color

Change image color: In Canva, images are of two types. The first type is pre-loaded images made available to you by Canva. The second are your own images. It is easier to change the colors of an image loaded by Canva than your own images.

create infographics canva - image color

This is how to change the color of an image loaded by Canva:

Canva also has an option that allows you to change the color of your own images. This is how you can change the color of an image uploaded by you:

The steps mentioned above are easy to follow and will help you create stunning infographics matching the look and feel of your website or blog pages, template and other graphics.

Tip: To modify an image, text, font, font size, etc., just click on the snippet you have chosen and you will see the options on the dashboard to play with it.

And now, here’s the infographic I just created using Canva.

Infographic on How to Create INFOGRAPHICS using CANVA

How to create infographics using canva - Kamkash digital marketing

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