How Lead Nurturing Helps Increase Conversions

So you’re looking at your traffic analytics dashboard and seeing a lot of visitors and pageviews, but no conversions. It’s a common issue on the web, especially on blogs, where the conversion rates are abysmally low. The answer is simple – you need an effective lead nurturing strategy to increase conversions. Hitting someone with a “Buy Now” message when they aren’t ready to buy is a sure-fire way to chase them out of your website. This is where lead nurturing has to be introduced in between website marketing and sales.

How does it work? One way to do it is to grab your website visitor’s attention with engaging content, and then hit them up for contact information. The lead nurturing can then be done via email drip campaigns, social media outreach, and then follow-up sales calls to close the deal.

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Lead nurturing is the process of educating leads with relevant information during their buyer’s journey. Be where your customers are, and offer solutions and tips to resolve their problems. This ‘trusted consultant’ approach to sales isn’t new, but with the new marketing tools you have access to now, it can be done far more effectively. Why is this so important? See the statistics below on how nurturing impacts lead qualification and conversions.

Lead Nurturing Statistics

  • Forrester Research – Lead Nurturing helps in generating 50% more qualified leads at a 33% lower cost.
  • Marketing Sherpa – 79% of inbound leads never convert due to lack of lead nurturing.
  • Ascend2 – 69% of marketers believe that creating unique and engaging content is the most effective way to nurture leads.

Assuming you’re now interested in lead nurturing, allow me to explain exactly how it can be done with the help of some case studies which actually managed to increase qualified lead generation and conversions.

Leadsberry’s Pharma Lead Nurturing Case Study

Convert Prospect into Customers

Marketing automation tool Leadsberry has published a case study about one of their pharmaceutical industry clients based in San Jose, CA. This pharma giant had over a hundred thousand leads that were being left unattended and not followed up with. They signed up with Leadsberry and started using the lead scoring system to weed out inactive leads and put the non-responsive ones into a lead nurturing track. Leadsberry database experts helped them segment these leads and create an email nurturing calendar.

The result was that at the end of less than a month after they started using Leadsberry, the company’s lead volume increased by almost 32%.’s Evoma Lead Nurturing Case Study

Lucep to Increase Online Conversion


Evoma, a hybrid business center and Bangalore serviced offices provider for startups, receives a good amount of traffic to their website. But they wanted to do something to improve conversion rates. A study by the management found that many enquiries were not being responded to and/or followed up as needed, and were consequently lost to the competition or just left unattended.

As a solution, they decided to implement Lucep, an instant response on site click to call tool on their website. Lucep not only enables instant response to website leads, but also provides detailed information about the lead’s behaviour on your website and other data.  Getting hold of a lead’s demographics, past website visit history, etc. ensure that you are able to put each interested lead into a nurture track, even if you are not able to close the sale instantly.

As soon as they started using Lucep for instant lead response and management, the website started generating 10-15% more leads by helping the Evoma staff respond to leads within 5-7 minutes. Furthermore, Lucep was able to export all the data collected on leads directly into Evoma’s lead management system, which further simplified and enhanced the subsequent lead nurturing process and follow-ups.

Pardot’s Surf Air Lead Nurturing Case Study

Pardot and Salesforce for Lead Nurturing

Surf Air needed to track and score leads and nurture them, so they brought Pardot and Salesforce onboard to manage and engage their current and prospective customers with the right mix of personalized touches and automation. Salesforce automated the system using past behavioral data. Pardot’s lead scoring and sales nurturing automation helped personalize Surf Air’s services and offerings based on the lead’s position in the buyer’s journey. With this automation in place, Surf Air was able to generate more qualifying leads all along the California coast and hand off these warm leads to their sales team.

Marketo’s Oktopost Lead Nurturing Case Study

Aktopost to Increase Online Conversion

SaaS B2B software developer Oktopost used email drip campaigns to move leads down their sales funnel. They used Marketo as an email automation tool for this campaign designed around the free trial that Oktopost offers. They segmented the campaign into pre-trial (people who have never used the tool) and post-trial (free trial users who have not become paid customers). Oktopost was able to create personalized emails for both these target segments. The pre-trial emails were designed to introduce the tool and encourage target customers to sign up for the free trial, whereas the post-trial emails were sent with a view to motivating existing free users to become paid customers.

Newsletters, white papers and ebooks were sent to prospects on a weekly basis. The emails were designed and crafted to be non-promotional, and simply show recipients that Oktopost had their best interest in mind. The result was that Oktopost was able to increase their conversion rate by 2.3 times without actually making any new sales contact with leads.

HubSpot’s Magic Group Lead Nurturing Strategy  

Online Sales


Magic Group, a global provider of software solutions and IT services, successfully managed to nurture leads and convert them into loyal customers by using HubSpot’s content marketing strategy.

Consider that a prospect shows interest by downloading an ebook, which is at the awareness stage of a sales funnel. Hubspot is able to analyse this prospect and create a plan for the rest of the buyer’s journey. Pushing the lead straight to the decision stage won’t be helpful. Instead, they recommend follow ups to encourage the lead to review more educational content that is available. As the lead spends more time reading and learning from content published by Magic Group, they are slowly moved forward to the evaluation stage.

Each new follow up and every article downloaded or read further strengthens the relationship with the prospect. Personalized emails are now sent detailing the benefits and offers that the lead can avail. Combining engaging content with these offers increases the probability of conversion. This is where the lead is actually moved to the decision stage, where they already have a strong bond with the company and are clear about the product features.

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