Digital Marketing Plan For Your Business

Online marketing plan

This article will help you in creating a digital marketing plan for your business.

Online marketing has a lot of components and interconnected elements, and you should ideally be present on all the channels that your customers are on. What this means is that you can’t just do content marketing or SEO or email marketing, social media, referrals, PPC, etc. as standalone campaigns. Every campaign on every channel must be part of an overall digital marketing plan.      

SMM – Digital Marketing Plan for Social Media

Digital Marketing Plan

Heidi Cohen, Actionable Marketing Guide, Professor, and an in-demand Speaker, has written an article on Social Media Marketing for Success which explains the importance of creating and implementing an digital marketing plan. Heidi says that regardless of your business model, social media must be a strategic part of every marketing campaign.

Social media is not just a platform to promote your marketing messages. According to Heidi, an effective social media plan consists of four elements – major social media efforts, ongoing social media curation, regular social media engagement, and integrating SMM activity across all relevant social platforms. Statistics published by Regalix note that 76% of marketers use social media channels as an essential part of their SEO strategy.

Leverage the power of social influencer marketing in order to reach out to other people’s audiences. Influencer marketing is cost effective and it yields $6 for every $1 spend. Build and nurture relationships with influencers. When you get these social endorsements from influencers, it builds trust in your brand, company and products/services.

SEO – Digital Marketing Plan for Organic Search Traffic

SEO Digital Marketing Strategy

Statistics published on say that SEO is the most preferred marketing tactic among terms being searched for by people. A NewsCred report likewise notes that 57% of B2B marketers say that SEO has a major role in lead generation, with 53% singling out content creation as their most effective SEO strategy.

This article by Jodi Harris on how to Excel at SEO with this 15 point plan, published on the Content Marketing Institute website, offers tips to effectively deploy a digital marketing plan for search engines. Jodi’s plan starts by documenting strategies that are essential for success. In an industry with rapidly evolving algorithm, re-evaluating your SEO strategies is the only available option to get your website rank in SERP. As searches are becoming more semantic in nature, algorithms are giving more and more importance to user intent. While creating your plan, understand the importance of semantic search (based on context and user intent) in providing more accurate results to queries. So your plan has to be about selecting semantic keywords and creating high quality content around it.

Since content is the backbone of SEO as part of an effective online marketing plan, you should know how to create a content plan.

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PPC – Digital Marketing Plan For Paid Traffic

PPC Digital Marketing Strategy

Stats published on clearly show that the top 3 paid ad posts get 41% of clicks on the SERPs. On  average, advertisers get an ROI of $2 for every $1 they spend on Adwords. So what’s your PPC plan for getting some of this paid traffic?

Margot da Cunha, Customer support specialist at WordStream, has written an article on How to develop a PPC plan that aligns with your goals. According to Margot, setting goals and defining metrics is a very important part of managing and tracking your PPC workflow. Before you wade into this, try to come up with answers to these critical questions to help you make the right decision.

  • What metrics are important for your business ?
  • What is your primary goal with this Google Adwords spend?
  • What outcome do you predict ?

If you are not sure of the answers, you need to learn more about Adwords. Visit the Google Adwords campaign creation and management page. It has detailed guides for everything you want to do and should be doing to create Adwords campaigns and improve the returns you get from it.

Affiliate Programs – Online Marketing Plan for Referrals

Online Marketing Plan

This article written by Simon Swan – An Affiliate Marketing Action Plan : The 5C’s Approach, clearly highlights the importance of a well documented affiliate marketing plan. According to Simon, affiliate marketing is one of the key online channels that supports an organization’s customer acquisition strategy.

You’ll get some referrals from existing customers and people who know you. That happens by default. But if you commercialize your program, they will feel that it is worth investing some real time and effort to refer people to you.

For example, grooming product company Harry’s has effectively deployed a referral marketing plan which acquired more than 100,000 signups even before launching. Setting up a referral marketing campaign that offers free shaving products in exchange for sharing their brand turned out to be a great success for Harry’s.

Statistics published by the Internet Advertising Bureau say that affiliate marketing generates an ROI of  $17 for every $1 you spend.

Email Marketing Plan for Converting Leads

Email Marketing Plan

Lindsay Marder of DigitalMarketer (Content Marketing Agency) has written The 6 step Email Marketing Set up Plan that describes how an email marketing plan should be structured. According to Lindsay, the first and foremost thing is to clearly define an email marketing strategy. The strategies will be framed around 5 purposes – Indoctrinate, Engage, Ascend, Segment, and Re-engage. Identify creative methods of writing personalised emails,  focusing on each integral part (subject line and body) in an email. Stay safe from the pitfall of sending rounds of general emails. Learn your audience’s emotional triggers, and customise your email marketing plan around it.  

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