Blogging Tips From Professional Blogger Kulwant Nagi

Kamkash recently asked leading professional blogger Kulwant Nagi to share some of his blogging tips and secrets of his success. Kulwant is a Haryana-based blogger, an Internet entrepreneur, affiliate marketer and a visionary human being.

Blogging tips from Kulwant NagiHis inspiring story is that of a small town boy who wanted to do something extra, to achieve something big with his life. Internet was one of his favorite choices on which he spent a lot of time, making his laptop his best friend. The very first thing that got Kulwant’s attention on the Internet world was blogging.

In 2011, Kulwant sensed the opportunity for creating a blog around network marketing, and created his first blog in the same year under the domain name In 2012, Kulwant launched another blog named This platform was created by Kulwant to help newbie bloggers learn advanced blogging tips and tricks. Blogging Cage is now a well known blog that has helped Kulwant become a celebrity blogger and successful online marketer.

Interview with Professional Blogger Kulwant Nagi

Question: What inspired you to become a blogger, and what hurdles did you face when you started your first blog

Kulwant Nagi: I don’t exactly remember what inspired me those days, but the desire to do something big in life was always there. So hope this was just a contribution from the universe to lead my life as a blogger.

The very first problem I faced during starting days of blogging was poor internet connection. I blogged for 18 months on 2G mobile internet. I didn’t have money to afford a costly broadband connection. I still remember those days when I used to literally cry, because I wanted to learn the things, but my internet used to be very slow, so neither I could read many blogs nor imagine to watch any videos on YouTube to learn things very fast.

When I started in September 2011, I didn’t even had the money to buy domain name and hosting. So I requested my cousin brother to give me his credit card to buy hosting and domain name. I failed to pay him money on time, so I returned his money after 3-4 months with bank penalty as he himself was not using that credit card.

Starting days were tough, but I survived because of my willingness to grow bigger.

Question: Do you think it’s important that every website should have a blog section? If yes, how does a high quality blog on the website impact online / offline business?

Kulwant Nagi: Having a blog is like breathing these days. Blog is a channel where you can share your expertise with the world, connect with them at a deeper subconscious level and educate them about your products or you prepare them for your upcoming product.

Having a well-managed blog can open many business opportunity for you and give you a wider view to see things at a different level.

How to Be a Successful Blogger

Question: What traits does a blogger need to be successful in their niche?

Kulwant Nagi: Be YOU.

Teach what you know. Educate with the desire to help them become good at the things you are teaching them.

Be consistent.

Make a writing schedule on your blog so that people can expect that we are going to read articles on this blog on these specific days.

Be professional

Buy a good looking theme, nice logo, required plugins, and treat your blog like a business. Businesses grow when you take care of them.

Blogging Tips to Create Content and Content Plans

Question: How to create a content plan and multi-channel marketing strategy for a blog so that you can get traffic and online sales from search engines, social media, subscriptions, email newsletters, etc.?

Kulwant Nagi: You can set your days for specific tasks.

Assign specific days for specific tasks. E.g. Monday for writing on your own blog, Tuesday for pitching other blogs to write content for them, Wednesday for writing many articles which you can submit on various blogs, Thursday for being active on forums and question answer sites, and so on..

These practices will give you clarity about your work and you’ll feel less burdened.

Make a habit of spending 20% of efforts to write the content and 80% of the efforts to promote them.

Question: What kind of blog content will drive higher traffic and conversions?

Kulwant Nagi: Case studies are one of the best type of content to drive quality traffic and convert readers into buyers.

SEO Blogging Tips to Get More Traffic

Question: What are the top SEO strategies you follow to make your blog get more Google traffic?

Kulwant Nagi: 

  1. Make your website load faster.
  2. Optimize your blog for Schema.
  3. Optimize your blog for mobile and mobile first index (using AMP).
  4. Maintain the content quality and frequency.
  5. Remove all the mobile popups for deliver a better user experience.
  6. Use LSI keywords in your article to make it more SEO friendly.

Question: Lots of people and businesses invest huge amounts of time and resources on blogging, but only a few succeed. What blogging tips can you give to help people succeed at blogging?

Kulwant Nagi: Investment and right investment are two different things.

As an example, if you keep getting likes on your Facebook page (hunting for the cheap likes) and invest $10-20 a day, I think this is the wastage of money, because you are not getting laser targeted people on your page.

Further, if you are attending any conference by paying $300-400 which is not relevant to your business, I think it’s again a bad investment.

So putting your money in the right channels is the mantra to succeed.

Spend time to find out which is best for your business, ask for the suggestions from the experts, read case studies in your niche, be more focused and watch the flow of your money.

Not focusing on a single niche in starting days of blogging is the biggest mistake.

Question: Anything more you want to share with our audience – blogging tips, content creation and marketing, or digital marketing in general?

Kulwant Nagi: Create content for humans, because they are your final readers.

I recommend to optimize your articles by including LSI keywords, but that too, you should do so well that your content doesn’t look like written for Google bots.

Considering your blog as a business is the best gift you can give to yourself. Consider it a pure business, treat it like a baby, invest money for its growth and make it a big brand in the world.

Start building an email list on your blog. This is one of the biggest assets you can ever build with your blog.

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