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About Us

Kamkash is a digital marketing company with offices in Singapore and Bangalore. We provide content creation and top of the line marketing services. Our diverse client list includes a healthcare startup, a fast-growing B2B SaaS sales company, an established hospitality industry company with multiple hotels and business centers, and several others in different sectors.

We understand that every business is different and needs a unique content marketing and SEO campaign crafted based on a detailed study of the business process and customers. That’s exactly what we execute at KamKash. Our team sits with your key people and collects relevant information about the pain points and roadblocks you face in reaching out to your customers. It is a journey we do together with you. We then create buyer personas for your ideal customers, which are then converted into a three-stage marketing funnel. The information is then compiled and researched thoroughly by our research executives and original and curated content with real business value is churned out.

This is an elaborate and scrupulous process that cannot be automated using keyword tools. It is the result of this work of a tall order by us, that we are able to create and market content that draw the right set of customers to you. The content plan we come up with, for you will then bring website visitors down through the funnel to increase your lead generation and online sales.