Why a Website Audit is Important for Traffic Analytics

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To get a free website audit enter your email and website below and click submit. According to search statistics from Internetlivestats.com, Google processed 40,000 search queries every second as of August this year. A study conducted by Brightedge.com shows that 51% of total website traffic typically arrives from organic search. The remaining traffic [...]

How to Convert Your Ideal Customer Profile into Keywords

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Guess who's looking for you? It's your customers - they're all out there, looking for you. But most of them can't find you in the vast ocean that is the web. So how are you going to reach them? I'm glad you're interested in this and that you were able to reach me, and it proves my point. The only [...]

How to Apply for Digital Marketing Grants in Singapore ?

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How to Apply for Digital Marketing Grants in Singapore ? This article will tell you everything you need to know about Digital Marketing Grants in Singapore. We will tell you what kind of grants are available, how much you can apply for, eligibility criteria, how to apply, and other relevant information. Government grants typically support [...]